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Wowbox Leather Vintage Messenger Bag Review

By John / April 10, 2017

Whether you are a businessman, photographer or student, you have to carry around quite a lot of electronics, notebooks and general items of modern life. But you can still look good while doing it.

Rockdale Classic Laptop Messenger Bag Review

By John / January 11, 2017

Laptops are so important to my everyday life. They are fully needed for any student,  employee, and any person who wants to stay online while going mobile. A laptop is better than a smartphone, because you can work on a larger screen without having to feel that you are chained to a desktop computer.

PhoenixCraft Leather Flap Messenger Bag Review

By John / January 4, 2017

I simply love technology. I am one of those people that tries to keep up to date on all the latest technology has to offer and am always first in line for the new iPhone or a new laptop. I believe technology brings us together and has made the world so much more connected.

HLC Leather Unisex Messenger Bag for Laptop Review

By John / January 4, 2017

I use a laptop every single day. In fact, I am typing this review on a laptop. My laptop gets the most use out of almost any of my purchases, as I use it for work, I used it for all of my school, and I use it for all of my entertainment (mainly watching […]

Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag Review

By John / January 4, 2017

I could have never have graduated university without owning a laptop. Being a recent graduate myself, I realize how integral a laptop was in all of my schooling, and that without it I would’ve been lost. I had a few friends in some classes without a laptop and it was near impossible for them to […]

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