How do you wash your laptop bag?

Laptop bags are a necessity among laptop owners because apart from storage, the use of one would help to facilitate a much better transportation.

While these bags serve as protection for your laptops, as well as a means of facilitating its transport, it’s also equally important that these would be properly taken care of. In connection to that, one of the most important things you have to do is wash your laptop bag in a manner that’s proper.

Why should you wash your laptop bag?

The reason why you should know how to wash laptop bag is simply that years of use could cause dust, dirt, as well as bacteria to accumulate in and around your laptop bag. Apart from this, stains from accidental spills of liquids and food residue could also cause the bag to look unsightly.

Moreover, unclean bags could, at times, emit an undesirable, sour odor and cause discoloration. If you want to save on costs for taking it to the laundry shop, and have a good-looking laptop bag you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear and bring with you wherever you go, then it’s time to learn how to clean it properly.

What do you need to Wash Your Bag?

Old Toothbrush or Rag

If there are some visible and unsightly stains on the surface of your laptop bag, then some form of light abrasion would come in handy to have these stains removed. Having said that, an old toothbrush or a rough rag would come in handy.

It is discouraged to use bathroom brushes or those with tight plastic or metal bristles as they could cause damage to the upper layer of the bag.

Mild Detergent

For any cloth or cloth-like material to be rid of any stains, you need to have a surfactant, in the form of detergent, as plain water just won’t cut it. In using detergents, however, one has to keep in mind that the color could possibly end up bleeding out if you use the harsher types. For bags, it’s best to use detergents with a color-friendly formula to prevent discolorations of any sort.

Washing Machine

While all bags could be washed by hand, you could also make use of a machine wash as well, unless it is explicitly prohibited, as indicated by the tags.

Using a washing machine makes the process more convenient for anyone, but certain precautions would most definitely have to be observed.

How to Wash Your Laptop Bag: Manual Washing

1. Empty all the Contents

Before you begin to soak the laptop in water, make it a point to take out all of the contents, especially the small electronic devices like chargers for phones and laptops.

Papers, pens, whatever it is that isn’t initially part of the laptop upon purchase needs to be removed. Apart from small things, you should also remove all the other detachable straps and pockets.

2. Brush off Dirt, Dust and Loose Threads

Before soaking it in water, make sure to check for any loose surface dirt and dust them off, as many as you possibly could, which would allow your water to be as clean as possible.

Once the dirt has been dusted off, you could even use a rag to wipe off some of the more stubborn patches of dirt. If you see loose threads hanging, especially near the seams, cut them with scissors. Do not tug them.

3.  Add Detergent – Water Mix to Stains

If you see stubborn stains, usually caused by either rust, food and drinks, have this area pre-treated. To do so, mix equal parts, 50-50 for detergent and water, and with the soft brush, scrub the residue away. Let it sit for 30 minutes, as most of these would further fade with the bag.

4. Fill a Large Basin or Pale with Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water is effective at removing tough stains. Be wary, however, not to use hot water as this might causethe color to bleed out.

Take caution for this step, as some bags might not be made for soaking. Make sure that the label indicates that it can be soaked before doing so.

5. Proceed with the Washing

The next step would be to move forward with the washing. To do so, submerge the bag if it is permissible, and add some mild soap. Use the same toothbrush to scrub the pre-treated area a second time, as well as using it to reach the nooks and crannies in the bag. Make sure not to over-do this procedure. Stop once you see that the stains are fully removed.

6. Rinse Thoroughly

Take out all residues fromsoap and detergent. This might require you to soak your bag in a pail or basin or fresh water. You can use a body towel to rinse a lot of water by wrapping the bag in it and then pressing it lightly.

7. Hang it Out to Dry

Allow things to dry the natural way, keep the bag unzipped, and make sure that it hangs upside-down to allow all the water to be removed.

How to Wash Through Washing Machine

1. Observe Steps 1-3 for Manual Method

The first three steps of the manual method are equally necessary for the washing machine method. Make sure that it can be washed with the use of a washing machine by checking the label.

2. Prepare the Washing Machine Settings

Keep it set at a Gentle Cycle, and at 20 degrees. Let it go through just a few cycles, and make sure that the zippers are closed before you put it inside.


Washing the laptop bag is only necessary in cases your bag is stained to the point of looking ugly, or when it starts to stink. Bags aren’t meant to be washed, so make sure to be as gentle as you can when you do so.

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