Laptop Bag vs. Backpack: Which is Better?

Your laptop is an expensive piece of equipment, thus it needs care particularly when it comes to transporting the item. Your bag should be capable of protecting the device in order to lengthen its lifespan.

There are two kinds of bags for the item: the laptop bag and the backpack. As for the laptop bag vs backpack debate, which option should you choose? Let us discuss the functions of each option first before we decide.

Computer manufacturers often suggest a particular bag or keeper for their laptop models. What sort of bag they recommend is a good place to begin when it comes to looking for a carrier that will contain the device. However, selecting a bag is still a personal decision and it is based on your lifestyle and the manner in which you use the device.

Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are larger and provide lots of protection and storage space. They are different from laptop sleeves since they have a spacious interior and usually feature adjustable handles or carrying straps.

They have sufficient space to hold not only your laptop but other items as well – from laptop accessories, cell phones, tablet computer, thumb drives, books, even small packs of snacks and water. They are very roomy and adaptable carriers and are ideal for all types of individuals, including students, office staff and business folk.

Users of the bag typically stash their laptop in the bag and make use of it every day on their travels to work, the gym, school and even vacations and weekend getaways.

The laptop bag is made with a selection of materials. They come in leather, durable nylon, fabric blends, hemp, heavy canvas, and suede. It will also include hardware made with metal or plastic material, buttons, and zippers. Bag companies offer lots of design on this item – from standard ones to trendy bags that feature bright colors, decorations and themes.

There are variations when it comes to laptop bags; you have the eco-friendly solar laptop kind, the kind with folding wheels and bags that are transportation-friendly. The latter is capable of passing through the airport screening without requiring being undone.

  • Eco-friendly solar laptop bag

The solar kind is a great way to charge your gadgets if you are the busy type. Because people are always on the hunt for bags that will fully protect their laptops, the eco-friendly kind provides additional capabilities. These bags are often made from recycled materials, come in bright, fun colors and have plenty of pockets.

The majority of bags are capable of powering up smaller electronic devices like laptops; however, you have to first examine the manufacturer’s claims so you can be sure that your laptop will be charged sufficiently. Several models of laptops need additional power. These bags are charged with 2-6 hours of sunlight based on the model.

Solar bags are perfect for men and women, students, frequent travelers, business folk, and gamers. Adapters and vehicle chargers are beneficial when it comes to charging the laptop in case the sun is not visible.

The majority of companies will also put in cigarette chargers and retail other kinds of adapters from USBs to AC/DC electric chargers. The power output might differ as well in its dimensions and weight.

  • Transportation-friendly laptop bag

The transport-friendly laptop bag is a convenient carrier for frequent travelers. Airport security can be bothersome for people who carry laptops with them every time they travel. The rules require that the laptop has to be taken away from the bag and positioned in the bin for a thorough scan.

Removing it from its carrier presents an opportunity for the bag to be damaged. However, there are now available airport-friendly laptop bags that get rid of that hassle since the TSA or Transportation Security Administration has offered moderation to said regulation in several cases.

The bag should feature a segment for the laptop that lies flat and it should not have pockets or metal items on the insides, the top and beneath the laptop part.

A number of laptop bags have additional features too. There are top loader styles that have folding wheels and a retractable handle setup for easier transport. Some bags will also have detachable pouches for business cards, pens, and other utilities. Some model bags include waterproof covers or are waterproof.

Laptop Backpacks

Backpacks for laptops are available in a nice selection of materials that come in 3 categories: the water-repelling kind, the natural kind, and the waterproof model.

The water-repelling kind is the most common and it is capable of keeping items dry for a few minutes once exposed to unintentional spillage and light rain. The natural kind is made with leather, a material which is close to waterproof and is known to age nicely. The waterproof kind, meanwhile, offers optimal protection from water, which can do damage to all electronic devices.

Make sure to watch out for particular importance on waterproof materials since a lot of companies often claim that the material is water-resistant, which it is not the same thing as waterproof. There is a little disparity in terms of laptop backpack designs even though several models have rolling wheels.

The backpack type provides lots of varying rates of cushioning and protection for laptops. If you want extra protection, you can get specialty models that are designed to endure drastically tough handling. Backpacks also provide supplemental means of protection since its zippers are a challenge to open silently and it can be locked collectively.

The backpack is formed and designed like a regular backpack and it typically has a distinctive compartment or cushioned/padded insert designed to contain the electronic device. The backpack employs two regular straps that go into the shoulders.

If the backpack has a bigger size, it will also include additional features like a waist strap to allocate weight all over the hip area of the user. Backpacks open with zippers that manage access to the inside pouches of the bag. To get your laptop, the pack should be put down so the user can open one of the zippers.

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