SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Backpack Review

In this day and age, almost everyone owns a laptop. It is needed for almost every job, every college or university course, and to really stay up to date with the latest news and your social media outlets.

Laptops provide a great service: the ability to be online while being mobile. Nowadays you can basically work from anywhere in the world if you own a laptop. However, once you get a laptop, there is one incredibly important purchase you have to make: buying a protective bag to take your laptop on the road with you.

Failure to choose the right bag can result in damage to your laptop, further resulting in lost files, lost work, and a huge loss of a large investment.

One of the biggest laptop backpacks on the market today is the SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Computer Backpack. Made by the manufacturer of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, this durable backpack is made to be exceptionally convenient and fully functional. Its primary goal is to keep your valuable laptop or tablet safe and secure when you travel.

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The SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Computer Backpack is extremely versatile and made to give you the most features possible. The features include:

  • Adjustable laptop straps, that are padded inside so you can fit various size of laptops
  • Airflow Back System: Multi-panel airflow design creates more padding for prime comfort and support for your back
  • Pocket Organizer: On the inside there is an organizer that can be used to divide your pens, pencils, CD’s, and mobile phone
  • At a security checkpoint, the bag unfolds to a flat position, keeping the laptop easily accessible for a check, saving you time
  • Special pouch to secure a MP3 player/iPod
  • Main pocket- protected packing for multiple binders/accessories
  • Ergonomically friendly straps
  • Made from ballistic weave fabric: durable/long-lasting
  • Removable key fob, so your keys will never go missing
  • External dual pockets made with mesh that has been elasticized, can hold numerous sizes of water bottles
  • Shoulder strap has elastic tab to keep sunglasses secure
  • Scan Smart Feature: extremely airport friendly, hassle free!
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • Fits most 17-inch laptops
  • 18 x 13 x 9 inches
  • Black in Color


  • Scan Smart: great feature especially for frequent fliers
  • Multiple compartments to organize belongings
  • Sunglasses strap is a nice touch
  • Mesh for waterbottles, can expand to fit whatever size
  • Comfortable
  • Can hold larger laptop sizes


  • Known to wear and tear
  • Not long-lasting
  • No separate compartment for charger
  • Cannot have both tablet/laptop at the same time
  • No color customization


The SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Computer Backpack has been primarily built for people who frequently fly. The ScanSmart feature allows you to go through security without any hassle, and also gives you the peace of mind that your laptop is still safe, surrounded by padding.

The key to this area is that ONLY the laptop can be in the Scan Smart compartment, so make sure you do that before flying. The backpack comes with several compartments, each enhancing the organization of your work-related items such as binders, pens, etc. However, after testing the product myself I cannot fully recommend buying it.

It is not made of the best material, and the zippers can easily be damaged. It feels like the zippers may have been made too thick for this type of backpack and it may be a manufacturing error. The smallest pocket, that can hold numerous pens and pencils, does not open as wide as it should, causing a hard time to fish out any items you put in there. While it does advertise that 17” laptops can be used with it, it is definitely a really tight squeeze, and if you do have a laptop on the larger side I’d recommend buying a different bag.

Purchasing a laptop bag is an incredibly important decision that most people overlook. It is the only way to keep your laptop, which is usually a large financial purchase, safe from harm, and worth your money. I do not fully recommend the SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Computer Backpack, unless you are a frequent flier who is looking for the easiest bag to get through the security check.

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