CoolBell 15.6 inch Laptop Bag Review

A good, quality bag with sufficient space to keep all of your things is a must for all individuals going to and from work and school.

Whether those items are laptops, cell phones, books or additional clothing, people need an excellent bag that will help them lug around all of the stuff they need through the entire day. A bag is used by people of all ages and is an item that is considered one of the most innovative creations.

There are different kinds of bags out there; you will see backpacks, messenger bag, baguettes, clutches, barrel bags, bucket bags, cross-body bags, shoulder bags and tons more. Laptop bags are employed by individuals who often carry their laptops every day for school or work. There are lots of bag companies who make laptop bags that will fit a selection of laptop sizes.

It might be a bit difficult finding a laptop bag that will suit your taste, which is why we have decided to review a particular product – the CoolBell’s 15.6-inch laptop bag.


  • Can fit up to 6-inch laptops
  • Provide ample room for your things; has 4 compartments that can keep additional items like books, tablet, pens, wallet and more
  • Has front pocket that keeps cellphone, iPods or other important items
  • Made with exclusive Oxford cloth material
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Has built-in anti-shock foam to further protect laptops and other important electronic items


The laptop was intended to be a lightweight and portable electronic device, a smaller version of the desktop computer. However, they can be prone to damage and theft if the item is not stored in an appropriate manner. This is the reason why laptop bags were designed and made available to the masses.

The laptop bag safeguards the device from possible damage. This is an essential function of a laptop bag — to provide protection to such a vulnerable item. The laptop bag must be well-cushioned and if possible, have anti-shock properties too like this Coolbell laptop bag model. The laptop must fit securely into the bag or it will slide all over, fall out or get damaged.

The laptop should be protected from theft, thus good laptop bags should have a discrete and sleek design that will not allow thieves to tell that the bag contains the device. This Coolbell laptop bag looks like an ordinary shoulder or handbag with straps so it does well in terms of stealthy designs.

Laptops are considered as a fashion accessory and so should laptop bags. All good laptop bags have tasteful, fashionable and sleek designs. The Coolbell laptop bag has a minimal yet professional appearance which makes it a good choice for professionals and students.

You do not want to walk around with a tacky ensemble for your laptop, so if you are after a no-fuss yet fashionable look that will provide an air of confidence and expertise, you should check out this Coolbell product.

Laptop bags can be pricey and a lot of people skip this kind of protection for their device by just wrapping towels or other thick rags or swathes of cloth around their devices. Even though this solution can help protect the item in some way, it is not really advisable or safe.

When traveling by train or airplanes, the possibility of having your luggage thrown around is very likely to happen. Thus, it is important that you have a laptop bag around at these times.

Another factor that consumers have to consider is the material the bag is made from. There are individuals who are into nylon fabric, while some will choose leather. Be sure that you pick a bag that has waterproof properties like this Coolbell model. Water and other sorts of liquids can damage electronic devices like the laptop.

Furthermore, the room inside the bag is essential; this bag has 4 compartments inside which will fit not only the laptop but other items as well.

Now, this is a superior laptop bag that, according to lots of satisfied customers, is quite durable, adaptable and has great construction. It also includes a striking and fashionable design. As mentioned before, the item has 4 compartments and it can take in 13.3-inch up to 15.6-inch laptops.

Moreover, it has a tiny zippered compartment situated in the bag’s front parts. The secondary compartments are also useful to boot and they are employed to accommodate items like pens, business cards, medium tablets, slim notebooks, documents and other items.

Customers who were into the item commented that the product has enough room and its 4 compartments can safeguard a variety of things like wallets, cell phone, pens and other stuff.

It is waterproof, sturdy, has a durable design and anti-shock properties to steer clear of impact force. Truly for a lot of customers, this is the kind of product they will recommend to individuals looking for a good laptop bag.


The product did display a few complaints from other customers; however, they were minor at best and can be avoided. According to some customers, the CoolBell’s 15.6-inch laptop bag is not the ideal laptop bag for taller individuals.


One of the best things about the laptop bag, apart from keeping your electronic devices safe, is that it makes the item even more portable. Users can open the bag inside the car or the airplane and it will only take seconds to get access to their laptops or keep them away.

The Coolbell laptop bag for 15.6-inch laptops is a good buy; this is an item that you need in case you want lots of protection for your costly device.

It is durable, waterproof, has great construction and anti-shock foam for additional protection, and has a tasteful, professional appearance that will make its wearer look confident. While it has a higher price compared to some, this is an investment that is worth taking. Highly recommended!

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