Ways on How to Protect Laptop from Dust

Taking care of your laptop entails quite a lot of things. Apart from taking care of it internally, such as through installing the necessary anti-virus software, de-fragmenting now and then, as well as making sure that the memory does not get too filled up with unnecessary clutter, you also have to take care of it externally.

One of the ways for you to do so is to learn how to protect laptop from dust, as well as invest in fans to keep it cool, and protective cases to keep it safe while transporting it.

In the case of external preparations, it might be something that’s unfamiliar to you, and hence this article will shed light on this particular topic.

Why should you know how to protect laptop from dust?

Dust Causes Allergic Reactions to Users

Dust, as we all know, are small particles which may be suspended in the air. In the dust are a variety of microorganisms, some of which may not sit well with human beings.

A lot of people are allergic to dust, and this is one of the things that would trigger and cause allergic rhinitis, which would cause uncomfortable successive sneezing.

The adverse reactions would also manifest through the skin in other people, with dust causing redness and itching in some people.

Dusty Laptops Look Unsightly

This is one of the most obvious reasons as to why your laptop should be protected from dust. It just does not look good to have a screen or the exterior of a laptop filled with dust.

Dust Causes Laptops to Slow Down

Another important reason as to why you should protect your laptop from dust is simply because it slows the laptops down. It prevents the fans from cooling properly, and in the long run, it will cause your laptop’s drivers to slow down by clogging and overworking the components inside. This could pretty much be the cause of eventual damage, which is something that you’d want to avoid.

Ways on How to Protect Laptop from Dust: Concrete Steps

Don’t Place Laptop on Floor

The floor, as we all know, is a place where dust usually settles and is the exact reason as to why you ought to sweep the floor of your rooms on a regular, preferably daily basis.

If you don’t have a high table, however, or if you’re comfortable with using the laptop for squatting, make sure to lift the laptop at least 6 inches above the floor. This would be enough to reduce the amount of dust taken in by as much as 80%.

Place Laptops far from Room Openings

By room openings, we mean windows and doors because these openings often have the tendency to lure the dust in. This is most especially true when windows are not insulated properly. Therefore, make sure to position the laptop away from doors and windows.

Dust the Floors and Nearby Cabinets and Shelves

While a lot of the dust settles on the floor, quite a lot of it ends on top of shelves and cabinets as well. This includes nooks and crannies. The severity of the dust settling depends on your environment, and you ought to keep the cleaning schedule by how dusty the place is.

Make sure to prioritize those who are near the laptop, given that the vents of laptops are powerful enough to suck up dust.

Don’t Smoke Near Your Laptop

If you’re a smoker, resist the temptation to smoke while using the laptop. Ashes, as well as smoke, could pretty much contribute to the dust which settles on the laptop the moment it gets sucked in by the laptop vent.

Invest in an Air Filter

Air Filters are known to be dust magnets and work by sucking air in and releasing cleansed and purified air out.

Dust is classified as an impurity, and hence you can expect dust-free air from coming out of the air filter. It’s also preferable to place the air filter near the laptop, especially on the side of the vent.

Prevent Pets from Getting Near the Laptop

Pet Dander is a huge component of dust which may be trapped in the air, and hence it’s a great idea not to allow your pets from getting anywhere near your unit, specifically the vent. Having said that, you can expect the dust to build up quickly if they are always near.

Have Regular Cleaning Performed

No matter how much we try to follow the preventive measures stated above, one of the realities we have to face is that laptops will eventually get dusty. Therefore, it is still important to perform a routine cleaning.

If you find yourself disobeying the ways mentioned above, make it a point to clean preferably at least once a year. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you could try and perform this once every three years or so.

Laptop Cleaning: DIY or No?

If you’re into modern technology and are familiar with how your laptop works, and if you have all the necessary materials, such as screws and canned air, then why not? This would allow you to save a lot of money.

If you’re not familiar with it, however, have it cleaned by any shop that offers the said service to be safe, as randomly opening your laptop and doing the cleaning in a heuristic manner will cause more harm than good.


Given the negative effects of a dusty laptop, this article has indeed made it clear that cleaning the laptop externally through the prevention of dust accumulation is just as important as cleaning it internally through anti-virus and regular system cleanups.

The reality is, no matter how hard we try, dust is everywhere, and the only thing we can do is to take preventive measures to keep its level in and around our laptops to a minimum.

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