Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag Review

I could have never have graduated university without owning a laptop. Being a recent graduate myself, I realize how integral a laptop was in all of my schooling, and that without it I would’ve been lost. I had a few friends in some classes without a laptop and it was near impossible for them to do work, and they hardly ever left the school.

My laptop allowed me to take notes in class, download all the lecture notes before class, and not have to do all my work on a school computer. This freedom, this way of going mobile, was so important to me that I carried it right through to my first job outside of school.

Currently, I work from home, and I never go into the office. I can easily log into my work’s network from my computer and be up to date on meetings, and notes from my boss. It is a perfect way to work as I can get up when I want to and work around my own schedule.

I could not do all of this without a laptop, and it really is the way of the future. Working from home with absolutely no traffic on a morning commute, I save on fuel emissions, and have more time for the family. It is something I am very passionate about. Seeing that my life is on my laptop, the security and safety of my laptop is so important to me. This is why I’ve committed to finding and sharing the best laptop bags and briefcases that you can buy online today.

One of the most popular bags available today is the Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Laptop Briefcase. It has a multitude of functionalities and is possibly one of highest quality of bags on the market today. The Handolederco is one of many possible choices for a laptop bag, so how does it hold up, compared to its competition?

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The Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Laptop Briefcase is extremely versatile and made to give you the most features possible. The features include:

  • Imported
  • 15″ Handolederco rustic look
  • Leather messenger bag
  • Adjustable, as well as removable shoulder strap
  • Huge front pocket as well
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Open and closure easy to clip
  • Backside zipper pocket and big compartment
  • Best for 15” and 16” laptop office bag


  • Fantastic Look
  • Genuine leather
  • Adjustable strap can fit on rolling luggage
  • Modern
  • Compact
  • Great zippers
  • Great for smaller laptops
  • Padded area for laptop


  • Bag flops over when nothing is in it
  • Strong leather smell
  • Leather has the potential to bleed onto clothes


At first glance, the Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Laptop Briefcase really excited me. It has such a fantastic look and I knew it would strike people as professional. I always look for a bag that will go with my work outfit, as a big bulky bag can come across as lazy. I want a bag that will boost my look to my peers, as that is important to me. The Handolederco does just that.

I think it is a great bag, with a great look, and safety compartments to keep your laptop safe and secure. These additional features provide a stellar bag that does not sacrifice a great look for safety. Many bags that have various security features look big and bulky, with various locks on it, but the Handolederco has a protective space for the laptop while looking top notch, and being fashion forward.

I believe the Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Laptop Briefcase is a great buy for anyone looking for a laptop briefcase. Just a fair warning to you that sometimes the leather can bleed if it gets wet. So, if it is pouring rain, I suggest not taking your bag out during that day. If you find this is going to really restrict you, I recommend looking for a bag that is not made of leather. I wish you all the best and hope your laptop continues to be safe!

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