Life Boost Vintage Canvas Satchel Messenger Laptop Shoulder Crossbody Sling Bag Review

What kind of lifestyle do you lead? If you are like most people today, you probably have a laptop that you carry with you from time to time. You need it everywhere you go, from work to the house for personal use and for convenience purposes. We live in a world where there is a lot going on online, and it would be a pity not to have the laptop with you.

For this reason, you would need to have a very good laptop bag that you can carry around with the same convenience that you would need to use your laptop.

In case you have shopped around for laptop bags in the past and failed to find one that meets your specifications, rest easy because the Life Boost shoulder bag is just what you need.

Of all the bags that you will come across in the market, none will offer you the same convenience as you will get from this one, and more importantly for the price at which you are getting it.

It is a bag that has been designed with the modern user in mind, and you will certainly enjoy the convenience packed into this bag.


For someone who has had one or more laptop bags in the past, you must be drawn to either of them based on the features that they possess. This is actually the best way of shopping for a convenient laptop bag. Here are some of the top features that you will enjoy when you buy this bag:

  • All round canvas, highly durable materials. Incredible performance for a very long time.
  • Strong straps, ideal when you are moving around with a heavy load on your back.
  • The straps are also extendable, which allow you to use them without struggling with compression on your back or shoulders.
  • Import quality, designed to serve you for a very long time.
  • it is also scratch resistant, and its durability is one of the features that will impress you as
  • Waterproof, not only will the contents of your bag be safe from the rain, but the bag will not absorb water either.


  • Made of leather all through
  • Ideal size for l4-inch laptops
  • Weighs only 1.45 pounds
  • Has multiple pockets
  • Detachable and durable straps


  • Not ideal for laptops bigger than 14 inches
  • No internal padding
  • Available in black only


Considering all the features that are available with this bag, in case you are looking for something that you can use when going to work, school or traveling, this would be an ideal bag for you. It is so convenient that even without a laptop, you can still fit in your documents and files and dash off to class and go on with your day.

The fact that it is waterproof makes it one bag that most people would really appreciate, given the busy nature of the schedules that most people go through from time to time.

With the detachable straps, you can use the bag comfortably and conveniently, carrying it on your shoulders or strapped behind your back. You are buying a bag that has features you will appreciate, features that will add more value to your life and to your use of the bag itself.

The Life Boost Vintage Canvas Satchel Messenger Laptop Shoulder Crossbody Sling Bag packs a lot of features that make it one of the best options you have, and given that it is barely $25, it is one affordable quality bag you will not miss out on purchasing.In case you are looking for a very good bag to work with, this is certainly one that you will find coming in handy.


SILKROUTE CRAFT Men’s Leather Messenger Travel Shoulder Laptop Bag

This is a convenient travel shoulder laptop bag that you can carry around from class or even to the office. One thing that all these bags share in common is the fact that they offer you some good convenience for whatever reason you need one. For someone who is looking to purchase a messenger laptop bag on a budget, Life Boost offers a better alternative based on this feature.

The SILKROUTE bag is handcrafted and the vintage style is a good feature you will appreciate if you love vintage models. Life Boost bags also feature the vintage design, with a contemporary touch that makes it stand out.

Both of these bags have inner compartments with zipper pockets, so you can keep your property safe. The zipper pockets are ideal for any small item that you are worried could get lost or drop out of the bag in the course of your busy commute from one place to the other.

Measuring 10 x 13 x 4 inches, this is another bag that you can comfortably slot in your tablet, documents, and any other small item. Even a laptop can fit in quite comfortably. However, like the Life Boost Vintage bags, your laptop has to be smaller than 14 inches to fit in properly.


Ideally, all these bags are just right for someone who wants something light to carry around, a bag that they can use on the go. Sadly, they both cannot fit in 15-inch laptops, which are basically the most common laptop sizes other than 14-inch laptops.

However, they will still come in handy for you in case you need a messenger bag that you can carry around with your documents or books when you are on the move.

These bags both are convenient and help you remain organized. Considering that you can get the Life Boost Vintage at a lesser price than SILKROUTE, you would be better off getting the former, especially since it is slightly larger than the latter.

One thing that is impressive about this bag is the fact that it is an import-quality bag, which is scratch resistant. Therefore, you will find it being useful for you on different occasions, without worrying about the surface.

This is a messenger bag that will serve you well, and you will barely have much to worry about in terms of usage. It is affordable, light in weight and has adjustable straps that will make things a whole lot easier for you while using it.

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