Messenger Bag vs. Laptop Bag: The Key Differences

Taking care of your laptop is one of the things you ought to do, given that these things are fragile and would cost you several thousands of dollars, most of the time.

While some people are not particular with accessories, one of those, which you inarguably should secure for your laptop would have to be a laptop bag.

While most laptops pretty much fit in the everyday bag, the reality is that extra care must be taken so that the laptop does not get exposed to violent movements, scratches, bumps, and sudden drops, all of which, most laptops are vulnerable to.

There are two different types which are popular among people, and these are the laptop bag and the messenger bag. Knowing their key differences is essential to choosing the right bag to suit your needs, and this article aims to point out the key differences between a messenger bag vs. laptop bag.

1.  Laptop Bag


The laptop bag pales in comparison to the messenger bag when it comes to formality. The reason for this is that it is not made of sophisticated materials like leather, but instead, is made of materials such as nylon, and is considerably less stylish than that of the messenger type. For more casual places, such as for travel needs, the laptop bag is one which is more popular, as it has an on-the-go appeal and design, given the materials that it is made of.

Versatility of Wearing Means

If you are looking for a bag you could wear in more than one occasion, or if you’re not the type who likes to clutch handles on their hands, then between the laptop bag and the messenger bag, this is the perfect choice for you to make.

This is because most laptop bags allow you to put it on in three ways rather than just two, with backpack strap pairs included, on top of the handle and the sling which also come with this kind of bag. This is perfect for those who want to have free hands, or those who find it straining or painful to not distribute the weight of the laptop bag evenly on both shoulders.

Bag Size

The laptop bag is one which has a similar size to that of the messenger bag. It’s just that these have the tendency to have much more. The reason for this is simply because the backpacks allow for better weight distribution, and thus enables you to carry heavier weights without feeling much strain.

When it comes to business applications, however, this might come across as a huge bane, especially in instances wherein you are to wear formal attire. The big size of this laptop bag just doesn’t look well when worn with formal attire, as the urban, on-the-go appeal does not suit the sophisticated appeal of formal attire you wear.

2.  Messenger Bag

The reason as to why it’s called a messenger bag is one which is rather obvious—it is akin to the bags used by mailmen to deliver mail in the past. Just like the laptop bag, the messenger has its features that keep it distinct as well, and here are some of the following:


These messenger bags for laptops are the more formal alternative. This is because it’s more simply designed than most laptop bags, with usually just one or two colors, as these messenger bags are typically made of leather. They are more closely associated with that of briefcases, which makes them more related to business, helping to suit your business needs more.

Versatility of Wearing Means

One of the best reasons as to why the messenger bag is more formal is simply because it scraps the backpacking purpose altogether.Having said that, in comparison with the laptop bag, it is one means fewer for you when it comes to wearing this bag. Despite that though, this is really all for sophistication, given that backpacks don’t look good on format wear at all. What it lacks in terms of versatility is made up for how formal these bags usually look.

Bag Size

One of the major downsides associated with using the messenger bag is that they are not as big as you want them to be. These messenger bags are only made in such a way that papers would fit, and thus this severely limits the ability of messenger bag makers to increase the size of the bags they make.

Common Features

  • Cushioned Laptop Compartment

The good thing about both bags is that there is a special compartment for laptops in them. These cushions are typically made of thick foam which absorbs shock in instances whenever the bag gets dropped accidentally, or in a manner which is rather harsh. These cushions vary when it comes to thickness and the materials in which they are made of, but still serve the common purpose, which is to protect the laptop.

  • Water-Resistant/Water-Proof

This is the most important feature which is present in both the messenger bag and the laptop bag, given that you would not want your documents, and most especially your laptop to get soaked during heavy rains, as the laptop could pretty much go on a short circuit and be damaged when you do so. Messenger bags are usually made of leather, and laptop bags are usually made of weaved nylon cloth, plus a reinforcement of resin which helps to keep the laptops inside them safe and dry.


Whatever kind of laptop bag or messenger bag you choose, it’s best to choose one which you are most comfortable with as it would all boil down to one’s very own personal preference. Some people want to have many compartments, while others want to have bags that are straight to the point. Others choose to look on-the-go, while others want to maintain a sophisticated, classy kind of appeal, which they could get to express with the use of their bags.

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