MIER Unisex Messenger Bag Review

Bags are one of the most important things you ought to have, especially when you’re fond of traveling from place to place. This is most especially true for those who are either going to school or are working.

If you own a laptop, you might want to make some more considerations for the bag you are going to be using, and one of the best bags for this particular purpose is the MIER Unisex Messenger Bag.

Who’s this bag for?

Sling Bags are one of the most common types of bag people use, especially those who aren’t fond of placing things in their bags. This is because sling bags allow you to carry all your things on your shoulder while allowing you to conveniently get something from it without taking it off from your body.

What are this bag’s features?

Just the Right Size

The MIER Unisex Messenger Bag has dimensions of 15″ x 12″ x 4″ for its length, width, and height, respectively. This allows you to properly fit a lot of documents which are pertinent for business transactions, such as paper files, folders while having ample space for other materials like chargers, wallets, and the like. All of this without adding to the bulk.

Plenty of Pockets

If you’re bringing a lot of things, and if you would want that these would remain organized while inside the bag, then the good thing about it is that apart from the main zipper compartment, it also has two open pockets.

It also has one mesh pocket with zipper, and 3 slots for pens in the interior. Moreover, for the exterior pockets, it has 1 Velcro pocket, a zippered flap pocket, as well as an outer rear Velcro pocket which have a full width.

Padded Shoulder Strap

The shoulder pad is one which is of 2” width, with a shoulder drop of 20”, as well as a length of 55’’. This would guarantee you great, all-out comfort, with the ideal length of the shoulder pads allowing you not to feel sore, even if you are to be wearing the bag for long periods of time.

Cool Neutral Color

The fact that there are not many colors to choose from allow it to blend with just about every outfit that you wear easily. Grey pretty much fits and blends well with other shirt colors, as well as a wide variety of formal wear.

More on the Manufacturer

MIER is one of the most popular brands which are normally associated with bags. Through the years, they have made this as expertise, with plenty of users giving nothing but rave reviews for the bags made by this manufacturer.

They sell messenger bags in a wide assortment of sizes, with the construction being as solid as possible. Hence the warm reception of people for bags made my MIER.


Makes Packing a Breeze

Without a doubt, packing and organizing your things inside your bag is one of the activities that people find tedious to do. With the MIER Unisex Messenger Bag, however, the burden is somehow lifted, thanks to the fact that it has a lot of compartments and slots with ample space which spare you from having to purchase smaller cases just so that your stuff would remain organized.

Solid Construction

The MIER Unisex Messenger Bag is equipped with sufficient padding, even at the corner and bottom to make sure that the laptop is kept safe. Moreover, all MIER bags are equipped with an SBS zipper, which is both sturdy and smooth, and therefore does not break nor jam quickly. The non-leather design also allows you to add so much more t

Versatile Design

If you’re looking for a bag which you could use either for school and casual purposes or formal business meetings, then this is the perfect bag for you!

Sling bags are the most versatile bags out there and match both casual and formal outfits. Moreover, the neutral gray design is well-suited for either men or women, as it is a popularly gender-neutral color.


Shoulder Strap Maybe too Small

While this may be a relative factor, some people just might find the shoulder strap to be a bit too small, which would eventually turn out to be uncomfortable.


There are a lot of laptop bags you could find in the market nowadays. If you’re on the lookout for a bag which would surely fit the laptop that you have right now, then a lot of companies offer special sleeves or bags with every purchase, either for free or at a minimal cost.

If you would want bags for other purposes, then other great alternatives include the Iabgbar Canvas Messenger Bag, the Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag, and the Qipi Messenger Bag, which all belong to the same price bracket and are of equally good quality as well, with several compartments, while not being made of leather.


If you’re looking for a bag which is extremely versatile, both regarding the apparel you can wear with it given its style and color, as well as the content you can put in it, then the MIER Unisex Messenger Bag is a choice worth making.

Moreover, if the organization is an issue with you, then this bag would allow you to organize your things properly.

While some people may not sit well with the color, given that it only comes in 1 hue, overall the gray color, nevertheless is something that somehow sits well with a lot of people.


While there may be many laptop bags out in the market nowadays, what matters is that you’re comfortable with it. The fact that the MIER Unisex Messenger Bag sits rather well with a lot of people simply means that chances are, it’s going to work out fine with you too.

This is especially true if you are employed or going to school, and you might have to bring a lot of documents, files, as well as a laptop and its pertinent accessories.

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