Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Review

Whenever we get to choose messenger bags, or bags of any sort, the factors which we usually consider would include the price, the durability of the bag, as well as the size, number of compartments, and the stuff you can put in it.

One of the things we don’t consider however is whether or not our bags are good for the environment. With the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag, we’re left reconsidering our set of criteria.

Who needs this bag?

While messenger-style laptop bags abound in the market, most of them are just made with rubberized materials, usually polyester, nylon, and other synthetic resins which make sure that the entire bag is constructed in such a way that it could withstand huge weights, especially for laptops.

If you care about the environment so much, then the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag is the perfect one for you.


Exterior Made of Cotton Canvas

Cotton, as we all know, is a natural material which does not have to be processed much with harmful chemicals just so that it could be used.

Having said that, materials made of cotton are pretty safe and friendly for the environment, as it is biodegradable, and its decomposition does not cause harmful chemicals to be released into the atmosphere once its time is up. All of this while keeping a cool, contemporary design.

Comes with ID Holder

One of the most common questions asked by the employee would most definitely have to be: “Where am I supposed to place my ID?” This is most especially true among people who aren’t comfortable wearing it around their necks.

To help with this, the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag comes with an ID holder that’s backed with Velcro, which allows you to place your ID safely in your bag without it getting lost and mixed with the other things that may be inside. Moreover, this ID Holder is removable with a lot of anchor locations.

Lots of Inner Compartments

Aside from the padded laptop compartment being good for laptops up to 17.3 inches in width, it also has several other inner compartments which make organizing your things a breeze In addition, it also has a workstation placed at the front, where you could stash your Mobile Phone, pens, and other extra items you might want to use as necessary.

Who are the geniuses behind this bag?

Mobile Edge is one of the most popular brands for bags of different sorts, where they claim to be a leader in the making of mobile accessories and laptop bags, with one of their missions to carry out and create carrying cases which efficiently and positively showcase one’s sense of style.

They also take pride in being one of the few bag manufacturers with a green initiative, with a line of bags manufactured in a natural cotton canvas, which is both renewable and replenishable, while being non-petroleum based.


Environmentally Friendly

This is made of materials which are petroleum-free, sustainable cotton. This only means that decomposition does not result to harmful chemical by-products to be released in the atmosphere, which allows the bag’s raw materials to be replenished and renewed, and thus be more friendly to the environment.

Multiple Compartments for Better Organization

Apart from the special laptop component, this laptop messenger bag by Mobile    Edge has as many as seven other compartments and slots to efficiently organize documents, folders, files, as well as phones, pens, and laptop accessories which would somehow help to arouse a sense of orderliness within you. No more messy interiors for bags!

On-the-go yet stylish

This on-the-go yet elegant design is perfect for students and business people who are always busy, and would probably need to take some stuff out of their bags now and then, especially their ID cards and pens. To top it all off, the brown color makes it almost resistant to stains, and thus does not require frequent washing or cleaning.

Extra Heavy-Duty

Several users have reported using this bag for roughly a year, and yet not experiencing any issue associated with its use, still going strong no matter how constant the weight of the bag is. This could be attributed to the fact that its seams are double-stitched and put together, therefore, in the most proper means possible.


Handle not placed in Ideal Position

One of the major complaints associated with this product is that the handle is not placed properly. This means that the bag would not be hanging straightly downwards, and there would be an imbalance in trying to lift it up, due to the handle not being placed in the center of gravity of the bag.

Color not too formal

The bag is on-the-go, but isn’t sophisticated and comes in a dark beige color that doesn’t go well with a lot of formal apparel.


There are several brands of bags which you could make use of instead of the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag, One of the most obvious options would include those free bags which come with just about every purchase of brand new laptops.

Other messenger bags you can make use of include the Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag and the Life Boost Vintage Canvas Satchel Messenger Laptop Shoulder Crossbody Sling Bag, which comes in a darker, more sophisticated design.

Final Verdict

For both regular school and business use and the environment enthusiasts, the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag is a great choice for you to make.


Taking care of the environment is one of the things we should focus on nowadays, given the issues of climate change and the rise in global temperatures.

Reduction of the use in environmentally unsafe materials is a step towards a cleaner, greener future, and the Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger Bag allows you to support this advocacy with a greener, more sustainable bag.

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