Rockdale Classic Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Laptops are so important to my everyday life. They are fully needed for any student,  employee, and any person who wants to stay online while going mobile. A laptop is better than a smartphone, because you can work on a larger screen without having to feel that you are chained to a desktop computer.

The best part is that laptops are multifunctional and you can do a lot of work, play video games, or simply stay up to date with your personal social media accounts. With laptops being a big financial investment, it can really frighten people when they hear the amount of damage they can endure when traveling.

Whether on planes, or even in the comfort of your own car, one wrong move can destroy your laptop screen. This makes choosing the right laptop backpack incredibly important, as it’s more than just a holder; it is a way to maximize your laptop’s safety.

On top of that, the right laptop bag or backpack will go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable using it, and that is has a great look.

One of the most popular bags on the market today is the Rockdale Classic Laptop Bag. It has a multitude of functionalities with also a great look for any young student. The Rockdale is one of many possible choices for a laptop bag, so how does it hold up compared to its competition?

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The Rockdale Classic Laptop Bag is extremely versatile and made to give you the most features possible. The features include:

  • Fully Padded Laptop Compartment
  • Can protect laptops up to 15.6 inches in screen size
  • Premium Clasps that can slide: allows for a quick opening while also providing a secure closing
  • Easy-to-use, durable metal clasps (not magnets)
  • Front organizer
  • Interior Pockets can hold pens, cell phones, chargers, iPads, tablets, notebooks
  • Durable black vegan leather exterior
  • Interior has nylon lining
  • Solid metal accents
  • Professional Flapover Case
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Good for both College and Business and Travel
  • Measures 16.5 x 12.5 x 4 inches
  • Laptop compartment is 15” wide
  • Weighs 2.1 pounds
  • Unisex


  • Fantastic look/Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple compartments to hold valuables
  • Made of vegan leather, adding to look
  • Strong Material
  • Great quality
  • Great price


  • If you store a lot of heavy items, may be too much for such a compact backpack
  • Zippers are very stiff
  • Strap is not long enough
  • Not many additional features
  • No side pocket to hold water bottle


The Rockdale Classic Laptop Bag is definitely one of the most fashionable portable laptop backpacks available for purchase. It has a great style and design, and the exterior looks very high end, but at an affordable price. A laptop bag can be considered as part of your everyday outfit and you want to look good!

That being said, it is simply just a laptop bag with no additional safety or padded features. It is built for a smaller laptop, in my opinion, and I would primarily use it for books/tablets as opposed to my most valuable laptop. I would not recommend the Rockdale Classic Laptop Bag, as even though it has a fantastic look, it is not protective enough.

The Rockdale Classic Laptop Bag has great compartments to store everything you need for a trip. The large compartment has a lot of available space to store even a small jacket for a trip on a plane.

As stated before, there is no side pocket, a feature that does appear on many laptop bag brands. This bag may make you look fashionable, but would you rather have a great looking bag that does not provide added protection for your laptop? One drop of the Rockdale and your laptop could potentially be damaged. I find this a problem with many leather laptops—that they sacrifice safety for looks. I recommend looking elsewhere for a bag that is safer for your laptop!

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