What is an Executive Computer Bag? Things You Have to Know

When it comes to laptop care and storage, one of the most important, and probably necessary accessories you ought to secure are laptop bags. The reason for this is that most laptops out in the market today are small and fragile, and thus would require some extra care from the owners. These laptop bags are obviously custom-crafted to meet the protection needs of any laptop in the market nowadays.

These laptop computers have several uses, most of which would entail bringing them around from place to place. If you use a laptop in this manner, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that you have to store these in a protective container, and not just in any other kind of bag.

Most of these uses which require you to bring things around are for business purposes, and thus the creation of the executive computer bag. There are several features for this kind of bag which set it apart from other kinds. This article will help in pointing out each of these differences to you.

One of the most obvious differences of an executive computer bags between other ordinary bags is their size. Having said that, most of these computer bags have dimensions which are either a perfect fit or just a few inches bigger than the dimensions of the laptop they’re made for.

These laptop bags are not large, simply because you would want the laptop bag to be as secure inside as possible, and that the laptop inside would not move or be affected by sudden movements such as car vibrations on bumpy roads whenever you travel.

  • Number of Compartments

Another key difference for the executive computer bag would have to be the fact that there are relatively more compartments in it than other types, with a common one being a slot which is netted. This particular section is best for common laptop accessories, as you need not have to open the slot for you to get the accessory of your choice.

Also, the reason as to why there are several compartments is for several other items that are pertinent in various business transactions, most importantly, pens and documents to fit all in one case together with the laptop inside the bag.

  • Distinct Features

There are several distinguishing features associated with executive computer bags. Having said that, one of the most unique ones would definitely have to be the laptop compartment. Without it, it basically won’t be considered a laptop bag.

While it could be placed in other bags so long as there’s a sleeve, the executive computer bag helps protect the laptop from vibrations as well as unnecessary movements, both of which tend to harm the bag in one way or another.

A lot of compartments for laptops are made of shock-proof cushions, which have straps made of Velcro to prevent the laptop from slipping off. These cushions are usually made of different kinds of foam to keep the laptop well protected.

Best Executive Computer Bags in the Market Nowadays

1.  Samsonite Classic Business Laptop Bag

If you want the best laptop bag for your business needs, one of the best choices for you is the classic business laptop bag by Samsonite. Measuring 17.75 inches high, with a width of 4.5 inches, allows you to insert the standard laptop inside securely.

It has a stash front pocket that makes you quickly and easily store and grab other materials that may be needed for your business needs.

Furthermore, it’s still made using the two-gusset classic business briefcase style, made of 1680D rugged ballistic nylon to ensure durability. Moreover, the laptop compartment is fully padded. Thus you can be assured that the device stays as secure and as protected as possible inside.

2.  Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Slim Commuter Brief

This slim commuter briefcase by Tumi is made of pure Ballistic Nylon, one of the most durable ones around, and is thus fit for use in any laptop bag. Its greatest strength lies in having a Zipper Closure, and a shoulder drop of 23 inches. The carry handles are also webbed and are accented with leather.

It also has a zipper to zipper expansion, plus an add-a-bag sleeve, as well as several zipped pockets so make sure that the materials kept inside are safe and secure. Furthermore, each purchase comes with a special luggage tag, making your bag easy to identify whenever you use it for traveling purposes.

3.  Kenneth Cole Reaction Right Off the Bat Laptop Bag (Black with Grey and Red)

As with several other laptop brands, it’s made of Ballistic Polyester, but of the 1680D type. Its features on the exterior include a stash pocket that’s lined with felt that’s perfect for the storage of valuables.

The zipper pocket on the exterior is also one which is easily accessible and allows you to effectively and efficiently organize your accessories thanks to having multiple pockets.

It has padded compartments, dual in nature which make it perfect for various gadgets beyond just the laptop, examples of which are tablets and iPads. This bag is perfect for those who own 15-inch laptop units and below.

4.  Herschel Supply Co. Bamfield Mid-Volume Tote

If you’re on the lookout for classy tote bags for your laptops, while maintaining the business kind of feel to things, then the Herschel Supply Co. Bamfield Mid-Volume Tote is one which is ideal for you.

This Mid-Volume Tote is made of pure, 100% polyester, has a zipper closure that makes it extra safe and secure, has polyester linings to prevent the thread from running, as well as a shoulder drop of 20 inches. It is 11.25 inches high, and 15 and three-fourths of an inch wide, making you fit laptop bags of the same measurement.

This bag is versatile with long handles for carrying, has a front pocket that’s expandable, as well as several compartments inside for easier organizing of things.

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