What to Keep in Your Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are the next best thing in most urban settings. A practical accessory for men, messenger bags can carry all the necessary items you require throughout the day, and not to mention a few sneaky things that will help you out of a messy situation.

So, now you have got a messenger bag for your daily commute and activities. But what should you carry in it?

You probably already have your standard necessities such as your smartphone, wallet, and laptop. What other items do you need to carry in the case of emergency or a traffic jam while you are on the bus or train? And why should you be carrying them?

Be Techno-Savvy

It may be obvious to carry your laptop and smartphone charger with you, but some people don’t think about it until their battery is threatening at 10% and they haven’t even left the office yet.

Keep chargers for all your devices in your messenger bag and keep them organized with cable clips or in an individually sealed plastic bag to prevent the inevitable tangle. On that note, you may want to add a micro-USB to USB cable to that mix in case you need to hook your phone up to your laptop, or even a portable battery pack.

That is another great idea! Keep a small, portable battery pack in your messenger bag and ensure it’s always fully charged. You never know when the trains might be running late, or the traffic is simply jammed on your way to a meeting- the last thing you want is a flat phone battery.

Staying with technology, headphones are another great addition to your messenger bag. Make use of them on the bus, train or subway to drown out any noise, or listen to podcasts or the radio to stay on top of things while you commute. If you are an avid reader you may want to keep your e-reader in your messenger bag to keep you occupied while traveling to and from the office.

If you’re more of a tablet kind-of-guy, then replace the e-reader with your trusty tablet device, it can always double-up as an e-reader too with many more functions to make use of on your commute.

Keep a USB flash drive handy in your messenger bag, you never know when you might need an important and large file from a colleague or client during a meeting.

Just in Case…

You never know what the day will throw at you, so you may want to stock up on some emergency items, like an umbrella. The day may start out sunny and bring a shower in the afternoon. So, don’t get caught in the rain and keep an umbrella in your messenger bag, just in case. Opt for one that is a plain and neutral color, like black or navy blue.,

Just like the weather, life can be unpredictable. Add a small stain removing pen to your messenger bag, for the day you end up having a messy lunch right before an important meeting.

In line with that, add a small packet of pocket tissues to your bag, they can come in handy at any given moment. Items you may have completely looked over include lip balm and breath mints. Rescue dry and chapped lips with a small tube of lip balm in your messenger bag.

This can be especially useful if you are heading straight from the office to dinner with a hot date. Same goes for the breath mints, freshen up after your morning cup of coffee, right before that career-changing meeting with your boss, or that hot date.

You never know…

Once again, life is unpredictable and one thing you may find handy is a small LED flashlight. The power might go out or you are getting in after dark. You never know when a flashlight will useful. Who knows, you may even save the day.

A refillable water bottle is a great addition to your bag since they are better for the environment and can work out a whole lot cheaper at the end of the day.

Keep a small energy-boosting snack in your messenger bag because you never know when you might need to work through your lunch break to meet all those tight deadlines. You never know, it may just be a saving grace when you are stuck on the subway and just cannot wait to get home for dinner.

Even if you are the most tech-savvy guy around, it is always a good idea to keep a pocket journal and pen in your messenger bag.

You can’t take down information on a flat phone, tablet or laptop (if you keep your charging devices in your bag, you won’t have this (problem). Keep a small, pocket journal on you for those moments when technology fails you or you need to sketch out some ideas in meetings or on the subway.

You never know when a business opportunity will present itself, so add a few extra business cards to your bag, you could meet your next big deal on the subway or walking down the street.

Keep it Organized

With all these items in your messenger bag, it may seem tricky to keep everything in order, but it is actually quite simple. Decide on which items you use the most and ensure you pack them in where they are easily accessible.

If you have a messenger bag with multiple compartments, it makes this process much easier and you can pack items that you don’t use very often into the closed compartments.

As mentioned before keep any cable secured with cable clips, or in their own little plastic bag to keep them organized and store them in a zipped compartment to ensure they don’t fall out.

Get your hands on a messenger bag that suits your style and need. Once you are sorted, fill it with all the items you’ll need from charger cables and headphones to breath mints and business cards.

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