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Brinch 15.6-inch Laptop Bag Review

By John / January 4, 2020

Buying a laptop or a notebook means you also have to purchase a carrier or a bag that is perfectly capable of protecting it, especially during transport. A laptop bag will do the job and it will carry the device without the hassles while guaranteeing its safety.

Kattee Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase, 16″ Review

By John / January 4, 2020

One of the worst moments I have ever had was opening my backpack and finding my laptop screen cracked to pieces. When I took it into the store, it would’ve cost me just as much to fix the screen as it would to buy a new laptop. So, I had to buy a completely new […]

Ways on How to Protect Laptop from Dust

By John / January 4, 2020

Taking care of your laptop entails quite a lot of things. Apart from taking care of it internally, such as through installing the necessary anti-virus software, de-fragmenting now and then, as well as making sure that the memory does not get too filled up with unnecessary clutter, you also have to take care of it […]

Solo Urban 17.3″ Briefcase Review

By John / January 3, 2020

As soon as I turned 18, I made my first big purchase: my own personal laptop. I always wanted the ability to take all my video games with me, and preferred typing notes during class rather than writing them on paper. At the time, none of my friends had laptops and laughed at me, thinking […]

Texbo Men’s Black Full Grain Leather Briefcase Bag Review

By John / January 3, 2020

Nowadays, laptops are gradually becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Because of this, the sales for the accessories are also on the rise as well. Out of all the accessories you ought to secure for your laptop, the most important one is the laptop bag, which is most especially true if you’re the […]

ShengTS 15 Inch Laptop Bag Review

By John / January 1, 2020

I love the ability that I have to work from anywhere in the world. I always used to have to go into work during rush hour, and sit at my desk for 8 hours a day, and then go back home, during rush hour.