Laptop Backpack

When you are looking for something to carry your laptop around in; a backpack certainly has its perks. Not only can you store your laptop in it; you can also put your charger, your books and even your lunch depending on the size of the backpack you decide to get.


It is important to have something solid to carry your laptop around in because all it takes is a small bump to cause a couple hundred dollars’ worth of damage or worse. The great thing about backpacks is that they are very common place and therefore it is extremely easy to find a backpack that suits your personal tastes; whether you want to be professional, flashy or just look normal.


What is a laptop backpack?

A laptop backpack is pretty much just a backpack that you carry your laptop around in. Generally a laptop backpack is closed by a zipper although there are a few on the market with a clip or button close design.


A laptop backpack generally has 2 straps, one for each shoulder. The shoulder straps on a good laptop backpack should be fully adjustable. Often times the top of a laptop backpack will have a carrying handle as well. This is the nice thing about backpacks; if you are tired of having it on your back, you can hold the backpack by the top handle and carry it around this way instead.


Generally a laptop backpack will have numerous pouches around the main large pouch that you put your laptop in. These pouches can be used to store all of your different laptop accessories and allows for good organization of your things as well.


Why do men need a laptop backpack?

Men need a laptop backpack mostly due to the fact that other laptop carrying bags such as a briefcase or a laptop messenger bag, do not give sufficient room to store everything that you need to take with you for your daily life. A backpack has a large variety of pockets both interior and exterior which is great to be able to stay organized and carry a lot of things with you at once.


Having a backpack allows you to carry things to be prepared for any situation that you may run into on a daily basis. Backpacks are generally somewhat weather resistant but they should probably not be left out in the weather for an extended period of time, especially if you are carrying around your laptop.


One great bonus of having a backpack is that the weight is distributed to both of your shoulders which makes for a lot less stress on your body and will result in you becoming less sore than if you just used a one shoulder option such as a laptop messenger bag.


The great thing about backpacks is that they really don’t get in the way of your daily activities so long as you don’t have a huge amount of heavy items in your bag. Storage and overall function are the main reasons kids use backpacks for school, as well as why backpacks can be used for going to the gym, playing sports and a huge variety of other activities.


How to choose the best laptop backpack:

In order to choose the best laptop backpack it is important to take into account the quality of the material that the backpack is made out of. If the backpack is thin and you can see light when you look through the material it likely isn’t going to last you a long time and you should probably look for another bag; unless you just want a cheap one just for some short term use.


Make sure you use your budget to help narrow down your search. If your budget, for example: is $100, generally you won’t want to look at the cheaper quality $50 dollar messenger bags as these will be made of a lower quality material and will not last you as long.


It is important to have a purpose in mind when you are looking for a laptop bag and have an idea of what you will regularly be putting in the bag. If you have no idea what you are going to put in the bag you may want to consider getting a little bit of a larger bag just to be on the safe side.


Here are a few things you may want to put in your laptop bag just to give you some ideas and get you thinking: a gaming controller, plug in keyboard, a wireless or plug-in computer mouse, headphones, an external SSD, a USB thumb drive, your charger cable, extra batteries and maybe even some important papers or documents.  The last thing you want to do is buy a backpack only to realize it is too small and can’t hold everything you need, make sure you are thinking ahead.


To Conclude:

Picking out a laptop backpack isn’t easy and there are definitely a lot of considerations to be mindful of before you make your purchase. First of all you probably want to measure your laptop so that you have an idea for the minimum size of backpack that you will need. You likely want to get at least a bit larger of a size so that you aren’t struggling trying to get things shoved into your backpack.


Always remember to check for warranty due to the fact this generally means that the manufacturer has trust in the quality of their product. A good warranty can also help give you peace of mind knowing that if you run into any problems the manufacturer has your back.


Checking out the quality of the straps is also important; you want to make sure they are comfortable, adjustable and wide if you are planning on carrying a heavy load. There are so many backpacks on the market, if you can’t find one that you like right away then just keep looking.


Backpacks have been around for so long and there are so many different brands on the market; you are bound to find something you like if you look hard enough.