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When looking for a laptop bag for yourself it is very important to decide ahead of time what all you will be using the laptop bag for. Depending on what you are using the bag for, whether that be just carrying your laptop around, carrying multiple things, or whether you need it for security reasons it can have quite a big difference on the overall cost of the laptop bag.

Generally if you are going to be storing a lot of things in your bag you will want a larger main pouch, as well as a varying amount of small pouches or pockets so that you can stay organized. If you are going to just be storing your laptop for your daily work travels, generally you can get away with a bit smaller of a bag and you can also afford to have less secure bag depending on your occupation.

Types of Laptop Bags For Men

  • BackpacksThe laptop backpack is a versatile way to carry a laptop. They are made for kids as well as business men and come in all kinds of materials now, including premium materials like leather and nylon. As the name implies, they are carried on the back.
  • BriefcasesThis is the traditional shape of laptop bags. They’ve been around since the launch of the laptop.  Briefcases are typically softsided and carried in one hand.
  • Messenger BagsThese bags are trendy, popularized by the standard messenger bag. They are now very stylish options for city dwellers and are mainstream as a lightweight, compact carrier. These are normally worn over one shoulder with the bag on the other side of the body. 

There are so many features built into today’s laptop bags it can be hard to narrow down what you actually want and need. Make sure you look into the company warranty in order to give you peace of mind as well as it is a great indication of the overall quality of the material on the product that you are purchasing.

Selecting a Laptop Bag For Men

  • Volume: How much stuff, other than the laptop do you want to carry in your bag? Some men travel light, while others bring everything with them. In general, these are some rough guidelines: Light Volume = laptop + small misc items. Medium Volume = laptop + medium misc items + charger. Large Volume = laptop + large misc items + charger.
  • Type: Depending on the volume needs, these are some rough guidelines: Messenger Bag = Light Volume. Briefcases = Any Volume. Backpacks = Any Volume

I own many bags, but I find myself using 3 primarily. 

  1. Messenger Bag: This is my day-to-day bag. I use a Macbook Pro, so I get all day battery life, so I never take my charger with me. The other items in the bag are simple such as VGA/HDMI adapters, Lightning cables, USB Memory Stick, etc. It’s light, small, compact, and is the lightest bag I own. 
  2. Briefcase 1: When I go on an overnight trip, or need to take my charger with me, I grab this bag. I can fit more things in it comfortably than the Messenger Bag. It also expands, so I can add 1 nights worth of clothes in it too.
  3. Briefcase 2: This is a special bag I use whenever I travel. It’s TSA Approved, so it has a special compartment that holds my laptop, so I don’t need to take it out of my bag. I really appreciate that when passing thru security as you look sight of your things once it enters the x-ray machine and is free to grab by anyone on the other side of that security line. I don’t use it as my only briefcase since it’s about the same size as the other briefcase I own, but for some reason it just has a lot less storage room. But it’s a really smart bag and it’s brilliant for air travel. 


Generally the longer the warranty that the manufacturer puts on the product, the longer your laptop bag is going to last you and the less problems that you are going to run into down the road. The biggest problem areas are the ones where you hold the bag (handles and straps). Stitching can be weak, buckles or latches can be flimsy causing problems down the road. Oftentimes, the material of the bag far outlasts the problem areas identified above.

Be sure to check the warranty that comes with your bag. Anyone can give a great warranty, but not all will honor them. If possible, look at reviews on Amazon to see if others have complained about the manufacturer not honoring their warranty. ​


Your very first step to buying a laptop bag is to decide how big of a laptop bag you want. Make sure you properly measure your laptop and make sure that the main pouch is plenty large enough to hold it.

If you need something small, generally it won’t be as expensive of a bag, but always put function first. Just know that if you need something a bit on the larger side you will likely need to set a bit higher of a budget.

We recommend thinking of 3 scenarios:

  1. Scenario 1: How much stuff do you need for day-to-day?
  2. Scenario 2: How much stuff do you need for an overnight trip?
  3. Scenario 3: How much stuff do you need for air travel?​

​I’d even go so far as to grab your laptop and all your stuff, lay them out on the floor, and physically eyeball how much stuff you would need for each of the 3 scenario’s above. You’d be surprised how things don’t always fit as you would like. For example, I own a pair of over-the-ear Beats headphones. They’re excellent, bluetooth wireless, sound great, but they’re bulky to travel with. The briefcase2 bag I use above can’t fit them, so I have to bring along small earbud type headphones or carry them in my hand. If I were smart, I’d get a laptop backpack bag, which would have the necessary volume. 

Material & Weight

The next step is to decide what kind of material you want the laptop bag to be made out of. There are lots of options available and you will find laptop bags made out of al kinds of things such as cloth, bonded leather, fake leather, genuine leather, felt, fur and pretty much any material you can think of.

Your choice of material also determines the weight of the bag. I used to be a big fan of leather bags way back in the day. Nothing is as durable or as good looking as leather. Now that I’m older and other things light weight matter much more to me. And there are so many more choices in materials that look and feel premium while also offering light weight. I prefer ballistic nylon, but there are lots of new materials out there now such as carbon fiber. Check them out and just realize, the type of material usually dictates how heavy the bag will be. ​


Knowing this you can then decide how powerful of security you need, be sure to check out the competing bags and you will surely find one capable of the security you are looking for. You will find laptop bags with combination locks, buttons, clips, zippers, retina scanners and even fingerprint unlock options.

Protection in the security sense is one thing. There is also protection against damage that you need to also consider. Most of these laptop bags will come with adequate padding to protect your laptop. But don’t make the assumption that all bags will protect your laptop excellently. Most of the damage usually comes to the corners or edges of your laptop. So pay close attention to how the padding is on the very bottom of the bag, as well as the edges of the bag.


After reading through some of the best laptop bags on the market today, hopefully you are starting to develop some kind of budget and an idea for what kind of laptop bag you are looking for. It can be a very difficult task to find something that you like the looks of as well as that suits your individual laptop carrying needs.

Whether you end of looking for a laptop messenger bag, a briefcase, or just a backpack, it is very important to make sure that the bag you are buying is made up of a high quality material so that the bag lasts you for a long time.

Always remember to think ahead to what sorts of things you want to carry around with your laptop and make sure that you buy a bag that is large enough to be able to carry around those things. Your laptop is a very expensive and important electronic device and the last thing you want is for your laptop to break because you spent a few less dollars and bought a cheap laptop carrying bag that happened to cause an accident.

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