Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag Review

When it comes to gadgets, specifically your laptop, taking care of it is not merely limited to what’s going on internally, such as your memory, anti-virus software, latest OS update, etc. While a lot of us may be preoccupied with all these, one thing you should never take for granted would be the external protection of your laptop.

Given that it almost always costs you an amount of four to five digits to get one, you definitely want the best and most secure means of bringing it around. One of the best ways you can do so is to invest in a computer bag made especially with compartments for accessories, protective foams, and a secure zipper to hold it in safely.

If you’re still trying to find the perfect one for you, one of your best options would have to be the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag, and this review would explain exactly why.


  • Made of Premium Materials

The Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is made of cotton fabric, vegan leather, and a soft and protective inner layer, all of which are superior when it comes to quality. Because of this, you can expect that you could use this computer bag much longer than you would with other specialized computer bags.

  • Has Multiple Exterior Pockets

Laptop users know that there’s more to using it than just the laptop itself. To accommodate this particular need, such as a case for the power adapter, mouse, speakers, portable keyboard, etc. the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is equipped with not just one, but two pockets at the exterior.

This makes it one of the most practically designed bags, with workmanship and functionality set at a maximum, the best you can have for a case for this purpose. A lot of users who bought this laptop bag found that there’s so much room than just the two pockets and the laptop inside—much more than what you’d expect.

  • Not Bulky at All

The Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is perfect for laptops with lengths of up to 14 inches, without any additional bulk. It’s ideal for traveling, as this could be easily attached to your luggage, making you move two bags in just one go.

This light weight allows you to carry chargers, notes with ease. It does not add any additional weight at all, and could even fit into your briefcase while staying secure. Furthermore, it comes with a shoulder strap that is very well adjustable and removable.


  • Bring your laptop wherever, safe and secure

While there may be other kinds of laptop bags, the good thing about the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is that it guarantees you that you could bring your laptop safely and securely. Take it wherever it is you wish without the additional bulk, which often deters people from bringing their laptop from place to place.

  • Heavy-duty zipper

The great thing about the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is that its zipper is one which is heavy-duty and top-loading, and therefore would guarantee you that there would be no jamming and that the fit is one which is most secure. The zipper is the most important part of the bag, given that the whole thing should hold the laptop in as secure of a manner as possible.

  • Perfect for all weather

Not only does the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag keep your laptop protected from external forces, but it could also keep your bag safe from wet environments as well. This is the perfect bag for all seasons, whether it be for business, travel to different places, so on and so forth.

  • Multiple ways to carry

There’s not just one, but two ways for you to carry the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag, thanks to the presence of an adjustable and removable strap. Apart from that, it is equipped with a handle as well, if you wish to carry it around like you would any briefcase. Having two different ways to carry the bag may help to relieve certain muscles of your body which are often stressed out as a result of carrying too much.


  • Strap for shoulder carry may snap quickly

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag. It is, however, a very rare occasion that this happens, but when it does, the bag is often going to be beyond repair.

  • Colors may be dull for others

A lot of people believe that darker colors are goodbecause of the stains and dirt; should there be any which accumulate on the surface of the bag, it would not be seen immediately unlike that of bags that have light or bright colors. If you’re the kind of person who likes brightness in your things, then this might not be the bag for you.


Finding a laptop bag that’s perfect for your laptop is not difficult at all. As a matter of fact, several manufacturers already provide laptops for you to carry it in upon purchase, which is an excellent choice as it comes in the same size as that of your laptop. If your purchase did not come with it, however, one of the best options for you is the Bonvince Nylon Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag, which comes in brighter and more sophisticated colors.


Looking for a case for your laptop that you can use to bring your laptop wherever it may be? If you tend to bring along several other files such as documents and laptop accessories whenever you use your laptop, regardless of the weather, then the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is the best option for you to have.


A laptop bag goes beyond just being an accessory, as a matter of fact, it is a necessity for you to have, especially if you move from place to place or do a lot of business transactions. Having said that, the Setton Brothers Laptop Computer Bag is an ideal choice among all the brands out in the market nowadays.

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