Branded Laptop Bags: What You Need to Know

When you think about a branded laptop bags there are two ways you can go about it. First, is the concepts and issues around brand name laptop bag manufacturers.

You can investigate which brand offers what type of bags and how they compare in price and quality and so on. This line of thinking about branded laptop bags opens up a whole range of different aspects. Which manufacturer offers what type of bag, who is the best and who will suit you best?

But this is not the only way to approach the idea of branded laptop bags. The second is to have a laptop bag that is branded after market for specific corporate marketing purposes. Here you will consider the type of bag you buy wholesale.

Another aspect to consider will be the company who does the printing or embroidery for your branded laptop bags. They will create a unique product linked to a specific business, association or event. Typically you will look at a certain brand of laptop bag, and add your branding to it.

First the manufacturers

First, finding a bag that can carry your laptop, suits your style and works for your needs can be challenging. If you are new to using a laptop bag, it can be difficult to know where to start. Branded laptop bags are available from a range of manufacturers and in a vast range of types and prices.

There are almost no computer manufactures that sell branded bags to go with their laptops so you either get a rather standard bag with your new laptop or you will need to buy your own.

There are almost as many manufacturers and brands specializing in different bags as there are choices of bags themselves. If you like a sturdy backpack that can also hold a laptop something made by Swiss will be appropriate.

Targus also produces a range of laptop backpacks and shoulder bags in synthetic materials. Even Amazon produces its own laptop bag, so the possibilities really are endless.

Luckily these days with all the options available your bag can be in any material or color you prefer. You can choose between shoulder bags, backpacks, roller bags or simple sleeves. There are a variety of high end leather or canvas bags available designed for laptops, tablets and the like all with various styles and functionalities.

Wowbox and Ecosusi also offer a range of bags in leather. For a standard messenger bag with some added functions like the bag being waterproof, Alienware has a great range.  They have a few different type of shoulder or messenger bags and also offer protective cases.

If you need something with more of a dual functionality, say with space for camera gear as well, Lowepro is a good brand to consult. They offer a range of camera bags, but many are designed to hold your laptop as securely as your camera lenses. They offer standard backpacks, but also have messenger bags with attachments for tripods and other equipment.

If you are more interested in having a bag that will look professional you can take a look at something like Hedgrin’s ladies tote bag. It scarcely looks like it is in the same range as any laptop bag, but will still give you the storage space you need for all your electronics.

Herschel is another brand that creates great looking products, as is McKlein, Solo Executive and Brinch. These companies create stylish professional bags for the corporate world. They also offer easy to use roller bags for laptops and paperwork.

There are also a range of brands focused on outdoor gear that can also be used on your daily commute. These bags are designed to fit comfortably with a sporty look but will also have a padded pocket for a laptop. Asus makes a rugged number or two, as does, Tom Bihn, High Sierra, Samsonite and Opsrey.

As you can see, there really is an amazing range of branded laptop bags available, but as we said, these are not the only types of branded bag out there.

Second, corporate branding

Ok, so let’s say you have a great team and a great business, and you want them to carry your logo with pride.

An easy way to market your company and give some cohesion in terms of the look of your team’s equipment is to give them something with the company logo. But you don’t want corporate pens or lanyards or badges. You want something a little more high-end.

Perhaps you are hosting a marketing event and you want to give a little more than just a branded pen or a notepad.  In both these cases, a corporate marketing company can create a branded laptop bag or sleeve for you. This can be a good idea to establish a new way of branding your business.

You will usually have a choice between a few different brands that the company have available for printing or embroidery. These are usually the more standard type of shoulder bags or backpacks and sleeves.

This will depend on the branding company you choose, some will also allow you to bring in your own merchandise to brand. Chat to your company here before you make decisions about which laptop bags you want to be branded.

Your logo will also have influence on the price, type of bag that will work and whether you will need to print or embroider your logo. Here your graphic designer will be able to help with what can work in different formats.

Last words

The world of branded laptop bags is incredibly vast. We hope this small article will help you with your first steps in understanding laptop brands and branding your own bag. This is just the first step in some additional research.

Hopefully this information has clarified a few things for you so you can move on to making all the other decisions that go with laptop bags.

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