The Different Kinds of Laptop Bags

The portable features of the laptop have made it the go-to device for many people. However, with the transportability comes a boost in the chances of damage to the electronic device. This is the reason why many companies are now designing and offering bags that are meant to provide safety for laptops while traveling.

There are lots of laptop bags available today so it helps that consumers should have basic knowledge about the product before looking for one. In order to make your laptop bag shopping easier, we have included some crucial facts about the product.

Different Kinds of Laptop Bags

Selecting a bag for your laptop will often revolve around an individual’s personal preferences and needs. Based on the habits of the consumer, the range of features will be essential in selecting a bag.

  • Sleeves

The laptop bag is a freewheeling carrier which has its own handles and features extra pockets and lots of storage space. The laptop sleeve is made to suit the device only, nothing more. Laptop sleeves do not feature handles and they are designed in a way that it will fit into another, much bigger bag while safeguarding the laptop.

Individuals who tote purses and do not like the idea of carrying an individual laptop bag might prefer sleeves over the bags since it will fit easily inside the purses. The sleeves are usually made with durable plastic or softer materials like neoprene.

  • Messenger-style

The messenger-style bag is ideal for transporting laptops on motorcycles or bikes. It has the appearance of a briefcase and features a strap that lets users carry the bag across the body or over the user’s shoulder. Lots of laptop bags, in fact, are designed in this manner. This is recommended for individuals who own lightweight, portable laptops.

  • Rolling laptop

The rolling laptop kind is designed like a suitcase and comes with wheels so it can be rolled instead of carried by the user. This is ideal for individuals who own heavier laptops and are incapable of carrying bigger shoulder bags that might lead to back pain or strain. The rolling kind also offers plenty of room for extra items compared to other laptop bags.

  • Backpacks

The backpack type is one of the most popular choices to store and transport laptops, especially with students and young professionals. In general, it does not differ from a regular backpack but laptop backpacks do feature a protective pocket located within the pack for the laptop.

This is ideal for people who carry laptops and ride bikes or individuals who will be involved in any sort of commute that needs their laptop to be significantly secured. Most people choose backpack types as opposed to the messenger kind since it allocates weight in a more balanced manner between two straps, hence it creates less strain on the user’s shoulders and back.

Parts of a Laptop Bag

Apart from style, the components making up a laptop bag should also be recognized. Here are its important parts:

  • Outer layer

It is important that the external part of a laptop bag must be capable of protecting its contents; hence, it should be durable and strong. The outer layer of the bag must be waterproof as well in case the bag will be exposed to constant harsh weather. Softer laptop bags must have a shielding internal pocket or pouch as well to further protect the laptop.

  • Straps

The straps are essential in any bag and it must be attached securely to the bag. If it displays any signs of wear, it should be replaced or mended.

  • Pocket

A laptop bag with excellent design and construction must feature a protected pocket that is designed particularly to contain the device.

The pocket must be made with softer materials that are incapable of scratching or damaging the device’s surface. These pockets usually contain plastic or Velcro fasteners. Choose a bag that has a pocket that fits the laptop securely so it will not drop out in case the bag gets opened.

  • Storage space

The majority of laptop bags have room to keep other items together with the laptop. Several feature rooms for the device’s accessories. For students, businesspersons and professionals, it is recommended that they choose a bag that will serve as their chief bag to and from their jobs.

It must have extra space to include all of the items they use at work or school. For travelers, it is recommended that they choose a bag that has ample room for a change of clothes and other essentials.

  • Lock

There are model bags that have locks on them to guarantee that the item will always be in good hands. Users can also buy an individual lock in case the feature is not included in the bag’s design.

What is a Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag?

The lines at airports can get pretty bothersome and immensely long. This can be attributed to the fact that individuals have to undergo security checkpoints in airports and the whole act of opening and allowing security personnel to examine the content can carry on for a while.

As a solution, checkpoint-friendly bags were created and made available for consumers. There are bags that have laptop-only sections that users can unzip and lay flat on the x-ray machine without having to take away the laptop.

Checkpoint-friendly laptop bags are items that let travelers pass through airport security checkpoints in a fuss-free and faster manner without taking away their devices from its container. The TSA has made 5 rules for this particular bag, and they are the following:

  1. It must have allocated laptop-only segment
  2. The laptop-only part of the bag should wholly unroll to lie flat on the X-ray belt
  3. The bag should not have zippers, buckles or any metal components inside, on top or beneath the laptop-only segment
  4. The bag should not have pockets inside or outside of the laptop-only segment
  5. The laptop-only segment should only contain the laptop and no other items

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