Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack Review

Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack Review

By John / January 4, 2020
Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack Rucksack Laptop Bag Computer Bag Review

With the advances of the 21st century, you can basically work from anywhere in the world, doing a day-to-day job. This is possible, due to our ever-growing connectivity through the Internet and through mobile means to connect to it. Through tablets, mobile phones, and especially laptops, most of the work you could do at the office, you can now do from the comfort of your own home.

Owning a laptop is a must these days, to take your work on the road, and consistently stay connected to the World Wide Web. However, many laptops can be consistently at risk of damage when you are traveling: on a plane, or a hike in the woods.

This makes choosing the right laptop bag or backpack incredibly important, as it’s more than just a holder; it is a means to keep your laptop safe. On top of that, the right laptop bag or backpack will go above and beyond to maximize your comfort while using it and make sure your laptop won’t be damaged. One laptop backpack on the market these days is the Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack.

It is multifaceted to fit many of your backpack needs. The Ibagbar is one of many possible choices for a laptop bag, so how does it hold up compared to its competition?


The Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack is extremely versatile and made to give you the most features possible. The features include:

  • Strong material: Backpack is made of 98% high quality cotton canvas
  • Also, made of 2% genuine leather zippers
  • A total of 9 pockets
  • 4 zipper pockets
  • 2 side pockets
  • 1 laptop sleeve
  • 2 interior slips
  • Measures 12” x 18” x 7”
  • Capacity can fit up to 35L
  • Maximum size laptop: 15.6”
  • 1-year warranty
  • Top-of-the line stitching technique—strong and durable bag
  • Exterior zip pocket: easy access to passports, wallets, keys
  • Multi-faceted for various purposes: a school bag, a travel bag, a hiking bag, a camping bag
  • Washable
  • Old-school look


  • Multifunctional
  • Incredibly well-made, durable material
  • Great look: hip
  • Multiple pockets
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fantastic warranty
  • Very comfortable
  • Larger than expected


  • A touch flimsy
  • Hard to adjust straps
  • Fabric attracts pet hair (if you have an animal)
  • Not the safest from damage control/theft


The Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack first off, has a superb look. The company of Ibagbar promotes an easy-going life style and good times, making their bags with a classic look and the feeling of being old school.

I was very impressed with the material of cotton canvas and real leather, giving a really authentic vibe to the bag itself. I was honestly very surprised at the capacity of the bag, as the picture online was deceivingly small. Thankfully in person, the Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack has a superb capacity, while at the same time being an incredibly comfortable bag to wear.

However, I do not feel that this bag is the safest for protection from outside damage. While the material feels great, it is not sturdy/hard and at times is a bit flimsy. I’d imagine if you dropped your bag hard enough, there is no support to fully surround your laptop.

I imagine this might be a problem, especially for people looking for a bag to travel frequently throughout airports. As well there is no additional theft feature, available on other brands, and it is not water resistant.

Purchasing a laptop bag is an incredibly important decision that most people overlook. It is the only way to keep your laptop, which is usually a large financial purchase, safe from harm and worth your money.

The Ibagbar is comfortable on the shoulders and back, and more than anything is great vintage bag for simple, every day use. However, I cannot recommend it to someone who does a great deal of travel/hiking, as it is not the safest bag on the market today.

On the plus side, if you are just looking for a bag for school books/to travel your laptop in safe areas, this is a great looking bag and comes with a fantastic warranty! Happy travels!

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